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This links page has a rather interesting story to it: One day while milling about online I came to figure out that the underground society had developed a cluster of websites designed with the rebelious in mind. The ideals of these pages express a sort of "us versus them" mentality going on these days between the "mainstream/commercial" part (the people with beliefs, philosophies and entertainment choices that are strikingly similar to each other who just happen to have their views supported by the mainstream media) and the "underground/counterculture" (people that think completely different from the other group and enjoy expressing their dissatisfaction as blatantly as possible). As one who has never relished the idea of blindly following trends, I felt it was my duty as a nethead to help this "counterculture" gain more awareness in the struggle, so that one day things might not suck as badly as they do now. Anyone interested in bucking tradition and status quo can consider these sites as places to communicate with people just as "off" as you are. Enjoy.

-B Psycho

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