Tha Boboist Rolling Papers Online Edition

Chapter 1: In tha muthafukkin' beginin'...

Time: 2 gazillion B.P. (before 'pac).

Place: infinite emptiness.

Bobo is partaking in divine thing #2, as usual, when tha OVERPIMP has a thought. "Damn it's empty out here! I think Imma create sumthin'.... But first I need sum light" NOTE:As a supreme being, bobo himself does not actually "need" light to see, but must put on some light so that ultimately whatever he creates can see well enough not to bump into The Overpimp and cause their instant extinction.

And so he takes his lighter (which he created before, and has since decreed his method of doing this to be "nunnayafukkinbizness"), inhales some of the fluid, hocks a mighty loogie into the sky, and ignites it. "That's the first thing I created for someone besides me, so Imma call it sun", spake the Overpimp. Now it was time ta get to bizness. Bobo has decided that he will create a new species, based slightly on his own badass image.

As the Overpimp gets ta work, he starts to run through a shape in his head. Sculpting this new lifeform, he starts to have another thought, which causes The Overpimp to get a hard-on. "Sheeeeyit!, throw some curves on that, put a hole here....and about some lumps right about.....THERE!...." Tha Overpimp chatters as he creates this new being.

Satisfied with the finished lifeform, he steps back and says: "whoa-man!" NOTE: This was a spontaneous reaction to the work of art he had created; over the passage of time, this Divine Exclamation was gradually warped into what we call this type of human being today: "woman".

After coming up with an ingenious use for the holes on this creature (think about it), Bobo decides to make another creature, similar to his first creation, yet a little closer to Himself: Man.

Just then, Bobo sees an opportunity for somethin' here, and instructs the Man to put his schlong in the holes of the woman, while The Overpimp takes a break and watches. NOTE: After this action, Bobo exclaimed that the two creatures smelled "funky", a word that would evolve into the current term for it, "fucking".

To be continued at a later date...Stay tuned, and keep pimpin'!

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