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I have recently written a book called "toilet mind" (fka "weird shit").

To view excerpts from the book, scroll downward until you see the words "weird shit" really big. Tell me what you think:send e-mail to"" When I can get the proper coding, I will make the book available for purchase via download online.

i.e.:"best movie of all time",this honor goes to Pulp Fiction.

N'sync deserves to be the victims of a WU-TANG surprize ass whuppin'......

to suggest other groups that are well deserving of torture, e-mail it to me with :

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The "What tha fuck!?" contest!

Okay, this time things are different. Go down to the message board on this website and try to post the absolute most fucked up thing you can think of at that moment. After I consider the entry process as over, I will pick the top ten and submit these to a vote. The winner of the "what tha fuck!?" contest will have their entry quoted with their name mentioned in my signiture at forums for a month, regardless of how fucked up it is! So get yer sick-ass brains cracklin'!

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You know how sometimes you just don't have anything to do?
So you start fumbling around with the computer, maybe in paint?
Well, I understand, so I decided to start posting my artwork on this page.
Well actually, on this page.

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"sometimes I have this strange thought when we go to the video store, where I'm walking through the aisles when i suddenly pull out a 12-gauge shotgun and start shooting complete strangers. "die, you f'ck'n queers!" i would scream...... "wouldn't it suck were stranded in the desert, and your camel jizzed(had a orgasm) in the last of your water?" "say you were the type of sick individual that enjoyed being dominated. If a "submissive" died and went to hell, wouldn't he enjoy it? If so, would heaven be his hell? I wonder if God gets headaches......"

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movie review:this month: None, haven't seen any yet.

CD review:

phat: Outkast, "Stankonia". Whoooo, boy is this a doozy! If music is baseball, then Big Boi and Andre are Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine: masters at throwing people for a curve. On this one their steez combines that Intelligent Ghetto mentality they're famous for with rather eclectic production on some George-Clinton-meets-Jimi-Hendrix-meets-Afrikka-Bambaata ultra stanky FuturisticElectroRockFunk tip. Now, most genre-benders don't do very well, but this is OUTKAST we are talking about: they don't even break a sweat! All that I have left to say is this: What were they smoking when they recorded this, and where can I get some? 10b,9l,10o (29)
"Deltron 3030" (Del/The Automator/Kid Koala). What is it about Automator that attracts these weird-ass MCs? Whatever it is, I hope it NEVER fades away with this track record. "Deltron 3030" is a piece based around the life of an MC in the year 3030; space has been largely conquered, computer viruses are elevated to forces of nature, and life in general is rather harsh. Del pulls this off with amazing skill and creativity, at times even eclipsing Dr. Octagon himself, as Del manages to have a meaning behind his madness. Kid Koala adapts to his role well providing the scratches, and Automator...well, dude has a fucking gift. The overall feel is dark, yet in a humorously cynical way, framing the Deltron character's blahzay attitude about the world in general. It almost gives you an idea what "reality rappers" might sound like in another millenia, with it's tales of confrontation and the struggle for sanity. The fact that this level of material is out NOW is a simply amazing. 10b,10l,10o (30)
Reflection Eternal, "Train of Thought". This one is more the "refreshing" type than mind-blowing. It's simple, really: Talib Kweili is a tight MC, and DJ Hi-Tek is a tight producer, so they combine and make dope music. The chemistry between them is in full-effect, as the classic combo of DJ&MC proves it still works in these odd times. Lyrically Kweili makes a clear and concise case that NO ONE puts more thought into their words, and Hi-Tek's aural landscape is smooth yet rough, conjuring up the image of those block parties back in tha day. If you've ever caught yourself shouting "fuck all these thug games and the fake scientific bullshit, I JUST WANT REAL HIP-HOP!!", this is what you've been looking for. However, if you lean more towards amped-up, violent M.O.P. type shit, then I ain't gonna force your hand; to each his own. 9b,9l,8o (26)
Analog Brothers, "pimp to eat". This one had to grow on me. At first I didn't know what to think, and was a bit put off....until I listened to it online a few more times, then I realized just how tight it is. Somehow they manage to come off as both abstract AND pimpish, and it works with stunning precision. Beats are on a dark-yet-futuristic tip, with lots of distorted bass all in your face, and lyrically I'll just break it down like this: Kool keith (nuff said), Ice-T (best rhymes I've heard from him since like...ever), Mark Moog (ill),Rex Roland (ill), Silver Synth (ill), they ALL bring it. Grab this one quickly. 10b,10l,10o (30) NOTE: if you require instant gratification, then...well, then you suck, buy it anyway.
De La Soul, "Art Official Intelligence vol. 1: Mosaic Thump". The subtitle explains this one perfectly: it's a speaker-quaking party and everyone is invited. This is quite the experiment with De La, as they've lightened up since last time. The beats bang HARD, yet smooth enough to move to, and Pos, Dave and Maseo cover the lyrical end wonderfully. What is more surprising is the fact that they don't clash with the guests at all, which is rather odd considering how disimilar people like Tha Alkaholiks, Beastie Boys and Freddie Foxxx are to what we assumed was the De La sound. Then again, to think that this crew had a set-in-stone style would be to completely disregard the message we got when we picked up "De La Soul is Dead" and saw that cover: "Do not classify us". Well I'll classify this album, but only as "tight". 10b,10l,10o (30)
Kool Keith, "Matthew". This is about the only person I know of that can get more abstract and fucked-up than me.....That is a GOOD thing! This one is another in the man's series of transformations, this time taking on the role of an MC fed up with the industry and at the end of his rope, as he applies his trademark weirdness to the art of spitting venom. Anyone who has listened to Kool Keith already know to expect tight lyrics, so I won't go into that in detail here, but the BEATS are on the best level he's ever had since the days of Doc Octagon. Musically it conjures up the image of a riled-up MC alone in his basement in deep concentration, swinging with razor-sharp precision over dark-as-fuck beats, going for tha KO every time. I've spoken enough, here's the rating: 10b,10l,9o (29)

Wyclef, "Ecleftic". Here it is, the latest album from the OTHER Fugee with talent. Once again Wyclef chooses the "melting pot of music" approach to hip-hop, and once again it works....barely. Now, production-wise 'Clef has been known to pull a few miracles (except for Canibus...), and he doesn't do any worse here, but the main problen is his lyrics: dude sings a LOT better than he rhymes, which he proves on many tracks. Then again he shows some rays of hope here and there: on "However you want it" he gives Canibus one last "kame-hame-HAAAAAAAA!!!!" to the dome (Dragonball Z reference, sorry...), and on "pullin' me in" he plays the cinematic role of a reluctant criminal being dragged back into the dirt with good results. Alas, besides those tracks I've mentioned, he shines only when singing; "It doesn't matter", which could've served as a hilarious sendup of this Jiggy Syndrome going around falls flat on it's face rhymewise (not to mention the cheese factor by having The Rock on the track); "Thug Angels", the obligitory Southern track fails in convincing us that Clef can do a convincing 3-6 impression; and "Perfect Gentlemen" sounds like he learned that shit from the Ras Kass School of Dance Track Composition (ugh...). My suggestion: unless you are either a die-hard Refugee Camp fan, or a Soul-head with a programmable CD player and a burner, find something else. 9b,3l,5o (17)

Canibus, "2000 B.C.". This sounds like a repeat: ultra-complex lyrics over flava-of-tha-month production with all the staying power of generic-brand deodorant. Lyrically it's great, but as another one of his fellow horsemen needs to figure out (*cough* killah preist *coughcough*) all lyrics and no beat doesn't make a complete album. To paraphrase a few Shakespeare quotes, take thee to D&D studios, and wherefore art thou DJ Premier? 3b,8l,3o (14)
Lil' Kim "Notorious K.I.M.". What happens when you take an overhyped rapper that is all about the image, put Puff Daddy in charge of her album, populate her instrumentals with cheesy ultra-jiggyness, and kill her ghostwriter? This piece of shit I'm talking about right here comes out, that's what. Yet AGAIN I ask: Why couldn't Puffy have been in the passenger seat that night instead of Biggie? Oh well, maybe if his fame falters just enough he'll get convicted of something and Kim will switch labels and learn to write her own shit. For now, just be content to stare at that ad with Kim butt-nekked in a limo, cause you don't want to hear what she's got to say. 2b,1l,0o (3)
next cd i'll probably get: Have you been paying attention!? Go look at my first three "phat" reviews, Blindo! They ain't out yet, sheesh...
next possible piece of crap: It saddens me to say this, but..."The W", by...*sniff*...Wu-Tang Clan...first three tracks released were...*sniff*...WACK!!..(breaks into crying...)

Just so you know, here's my reviewing system:

B=beats: Does this set the mood? Is the beat creative? Does it sound different from what this producer/dj usually does, so it doesn't get stale? Whether crate-digging, turntablism, live instrumentation or synthesis is the method of the madness, does it work?

L=lyrics: Do they work with the music? Does the mc paint a vivid picture, or use clever punchlines and raw mic presence? Does the flow come off with consistency and confidence?

O=Originality: The more this person or group sounds like someone else, the lower this score will be. Nuff said.

30-24=Tight, 23-19=pretty good, 18-15=average, 14 or below=This some bullshit!
Note: "Phat" is an award I give for the highest ranked albums; it basically means that if I rate something a twenty-five or over, I actually went and bought it.
(NOTE: in the case of a DJ/instrumental album, I will grade beats and originality on scales of 15, keeping the possible total at 30)

B-psycho's 2cents

(posted 8/10/00)

(NOTE: due to the importance of this two cents column entry since this is an election year, I will not be changing this until the last week in October, so EVERYONE who is gonna vote can see it.)

Political conventions are all that I hear about on the news these days, and it's fucking galling. If they aren't bashing Gore and raising Bush up to the level of Messiah, then they are bashing Bush and supporting Gore. What I want to ask is this: in a country where only 20% of registered voters actually VOTE, do politics really have an audience anymore? And they act like everyone that doesn't vote is some type of slack-jawed yokel that doesn't care about their government! I say BULLSHIT!! The reason why so many people don't vote is because in the system of the election process there are only two choices, both of which have almost identical stances on the issues; I feel that this other 80% is perpetually in wait for door #3. The process works this way: the party leadership roots through it's ranks for the person with the best chance of winning (not the person that is right for the job), gives them a phoney, loosely defined smoke-and-mirrors agenda, and instructs them on who's ass to kiss in business and media disscussions, then keeps their REAL intentions secret until the convention, when they parade out the spin doctors and mudslingers to try to deface the other guy up until the actual election. Think about it: if our past four presidents had done 90% of what they said in their campaign promises this country would be poorer than MC Hammer, AND YOU DAMN WELL KNOW THIS! So you ask "what should we do?", and wait for an answer, well here is what I propose we do: 1) At least 75% of you MUST vote!! 2) go to the booths with a notepad, with the actual platforms and voting records of the candidates written down in summary form on the notepad. 3) Tape the political "stat sheets" with the names of the candidates they refer to onto the voting booth lever console. 4) write down the name of one of the 3rd party candidates (NOT Buchanen, he doesn't count) on a sliver of paper and tape it over one of the extra knobs (ALL voting booths have extra knobs), then pull that knob, selecting the "write-in" candidate. If all goes correctly, then neither one of the major party candidates will get enough votes to win, meaning that one of the 3rd party candidates would win by default, since the 20% that usually vote will be outnumbered vastly by the group that usually doesn't vote. Remember this, and go out there and make a REAL decision.

If you feel that I am wrong on whatever opinion I choose to spit here, post it on my message board, with the topic title "Re: My 2cents". I appreciate hearing other people's opinions, and will appreciate yours no matter how different.

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