The Boboist Hall of Fame


In this section, The Boboist Temple will be paying tribute to those pimpish souls in tha world that exemplify what boboism is all about. Think of these individuals the next time you spark up dat blunt, dogg.


Seize One

(from forums)

Inducted on: 7/7/2000 at exactly 5:49PM Central Time

On 06-30-2000, at exactly 02:35 PM NY-time, someone on Sohh posted a link to a picture of Jennifer Lopez' ass. Now in most cases, since everyone has seen it, people just say "hey, nice ass" since we are generally sick of it. Until now...

Seize One quickly stepped in and posted a barrage of big booty pictures from all over cyberspace, triggering an all-out ass fetish forum in and of itself, with everyone contributing big booty shot after big booty shot.

Now, they were all rather exquisite backsides, more than worthy of acceptance into the Ho Stable of any practicing Boboist, but THIS one (not to discredit this one or this one, though...) really takes the chronic right there.

Ever since then, the post (originally titled "Jennifer Lopez's Ass (sounds corny but peep this)") has broken the century mark for replies (well, it's up past 500 now...). Fellow booty aficianados, click on the link, spark up some chronic, and enjoy. Seize One, we salute you.

If you have found any other individuals who are worthy of inclusion into The Boboist Hall of Fame, then email me with:

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What it was they did (in detail).

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