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This is my computer art section.
I will be adding things to this...well, when I feel like it.
If you have any questions, or you want to add something here, then e-mail me with it as an attatchment file, with the topic line of "psychotic art" followed by a title. My e-mail address is toiletminded@hotmail.com

"open-ion; -I felt in a philosophical mood at the time.

"hypnotikism" -My view on just how far art can go.

"sometimes": Another random thought, artistically displayed with the help of a computer.

"The Garden"- you'll have to figure this one out yourself.

"The Block"- A perspective on the most common street environment. Very abstract.

"Star struck"- Fame, from the perspective of an artist on acid.

"random strokes -Think of it as Jackson Pollock meets Cypress Hill

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